Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I sat in the train thinking about the pathetic 6 hours journey i had to take to reach my native .I was sitting in the train half an hour before the train could start and was thinking and trying all possible means to kill time.
All this while,another train stood parallel to ours and it remained empty. May be it was scheduled to leave later in the day. I gave a casual glance accross my window and saw that the window of my parallel train was open.
Suddenly i realised some movement in the train. I strained by eyes to see what it was all about.I saw a man standing near the compartment bathroom and shagging. Man get a life.I regretted for seeing such a sight.Its not that I am againt sexual pleasure or pleasing one self. But please realize its a public place and many get to see you.
A similar incident happend when i was waiting for my friends during my vacation. A man not bothered about the fact that he standing in broad day light - right in front of a travels office- kept shagging.
I am not a saint asking you all to control your feelings and emotions. BUt atleast have the courtesy not to show them out in public.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Today i am feeling so damn sleepy. This is one such day in life where i want to stop thinking about everything that happens around me.I want to sleep sleep and sleep. I am at work station at 8.30 in the morning not knowing what to do. I am counting every second so that i can go off to sleep.
Yawning is contagious..some one warned me..who cares my mouth..i open it when i want.
One of my friend claims that he sleeps like a i really feel like sleeping that way.
Mails keep coming.Now all i wish or dream of something like the one below...
a slow soft music(only instrumental)..a small bed with 3 for me to hug and two for my head.darkness and music should alone fill the room. A warm hand ..of the person i love the most should pat my shoulder at constant intervals and he must run his fingers thru my hair.I dont need an air conditioner.I am fine with a celing fan..i want to have a blanket over me..but the room temperature shouldnt be too hot or too cold..all i want is a cozy temperature....with all these arnd eye lids slowly become heavy.My beloved notices this and gives me a kiss on forehead sayng sleep well..and a kiss on my cheek to show how much he loves me...willa sense of happiness and a completeness i should enter my sleep..Heaven this is what i called heaven.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I wanted to blog but some how i din want to reveal my identity. Hence this blog!!(VENTMYANGER)
According to me, my feelings are best expressed when i write them out!
I am a person who can never control my emotions-be it laughter or tears..i can never hold them back. One way i find it better but on the flip side the whole world comes to know about you.Hell with life, all sucks
i am so called fucking 21 years old..yet not able to decide what i want in life. I want to be loved. All that i ask for is love and care and people think so much to give me that.
Sometimes i feel the word - "unconditional love" has no meaning in it.Love comes with conditions and restrictions and Thinking.
Not to blame the person alone; but the society also to be blamed.
How long i am supposed to wait? I tried my best to work things out; I will wait because i truly love you and i pray you realize it.
its been just few days since you left but the amount i miss you, miss your call,sms,voice,..i am not able to explain.
Fort Minor song - where'd you go bring tears to my eyes. that's how i exactly feel.
I would readily throw myself in someones hand if they tell me they love me. But look at you, i told you i love you, i miss you, i need you...yet you think so much.
Is something wrong with me or is something wrong with you??