Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Today i am feeling so damn sleepy. This is one such day in life where i want to stop thinking about everything that happens around me.I want to sleep sleep and sleep. I am at work station at 8.30 in the morning not knowing what to do. I am counting every second so that i can go off to sleep.
Yawning is contagious..some one warned me..who cares my mouth..i open it when i want.
One of my friend claims that he sleeps like a i really feel like sleeping that way.
Mails keep coming.Now all i wish or dream of something like the one below...
a slow soft music(only instrumental)..a small bed with 3 for me to hug and two for my head.darkness and music should alone fill the room. A warm hand ..of the person i love the most should pat my shoulder at constant intervals and he must run his fingers thru my hair.I dont need an air conditioner.I am fine with a celing fan..i want to have a blanket over me..but the room temperature shouldnt be too hot or too cold..all i want is a cozy temperature....with all these arnd eye lids slowly become heavy.My beloved notices this and gives me a kiss on forehead sayng sleep well..and a kiss on my cheek to show how much he loves me...willa sense of happiness and a completeness i should enter my sleep..Heaven this is what i called heaven.

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